A Levels and IGCSE Options

Aiming to support our students by providing them with in depth information regarding IGCSE and A Level courses which will be available to them in Years 10 and 12, we held our Options Afternoon yesterday at the Senior Campus lobby for Years 9 and 11 students. Choosing the right courses at A-Levels and IGCSE level is the first key step our students make as learners in deciding for their educational future. With the support of teachers presenting the content of their courses, and BCIS students presently doing IGCSEs and A Levels available to share their experience, our students accompanied by their parents were able to reflect on education objectives and better target university courses & institution to attend for the near future. Future ambition is important, as is making the right choices in current situation. It has been an entertaining and resourceful Options Afternoon which, we hope, was found helpful for our learners to further master their knowledge, skills and competences needed from IGCSE level and beyond!

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