Take a look inside BCIS classrooms

Children spend the majority of their school days in the classroom, so at BCIS we have invested in the latest innovative technology to ensure our classrooms are the perfect learning environment.

BCIS Phuket chairs and desks are ergonomically designed and tailored for every child, our furniture is adjustable and scaled to fit the size of each child. Each chair fits the student that is sitting in it, and the desks are the perfect height. Ergonomic furniture supports a healthy posture which is so important for young bodies that are developing rapidly.

Our preschool and kindergarten is a safe environment where our students learn, play and find comfort. We have created a home-like environment that reduces stress and encourages nurturing interactions between students and our teachers and carers. Our Kindergarten features sensory toys and activities to stimulate young children’s senses, sensory activities naturally encourage children to investigate and explore the world they live in and aids in their development.

Each classroom at BCIS Phuket has the latest interactive whiteboard installed, this technology is helping our students learn more in a shorter space of time and students engage more effectively. At BCIS we have invested this amazing technology as it is a valuable resource for connecting our students with their learning, it enriches their learning experience by projecting visual and audio elements of the lesson.

They work by projecting the computer screen onto the whiteboard where a touchscreen can be manipulated via the wand or simply a finger.  Words can be written, objects can be dragged around the screen, and videos or documentaries can be viewed. Various educational games can be incorporated into lessons and our whiteboards prove to be an excellent tool for collaborative work and engaging our students.


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