Overall Curriculum

Overall Curriculum

BCIS has a solid vision for implementing the Cambridge International Curriculum. This vision meets professional standards in teaching and learning by providing excellence in education through quality-assured programs and syllabi.

The BCIS learning environment focuses on a learner-centred approach to active learning, using the most effective pedagogical methodologies that incorporate modern technology to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Developing the curriculum

When designing and developing the curriculum at BCIS, we have utilised the expertise of our teaching community to provide a comprehensive and international approach to the planning and delivery of quality programs. Our international approach fully incorporates the multilingual demographic of our learners. Both core and non-core subject syllabi meet the expectations of the Cambridge International Curriculum and Cambridge Examinations.


The curriculum will motivate, engage and challenge our students while they acquire the skills and competencies required to progress through the stages and meet the expected academic, personal and social outcomes. 

Teacher Pedagogical Approaches

Our teachers are aware of the powerful influence they have on student learning. They bring the curriculum to life by translating learning and assessment objectives, syllabus aims, subject content and school policy into meaningful learning experiences. Our talented teaching staff have created a positive, inclusive and collaborative learning environment, which is at the centre of our vision for teaching and learning. At BCIS, our pedagogies are constantly evolving, ensuring our approaches are relevant evidence informed.

Download our 2023/24 Parent – Student Handbook here: Parent Student Handbook 23_24

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