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At BCIS we believe that exposing children to foreign languages as early as 3 years old results in many psychological benefits that lead to better opportunities in life. Bilingualism increases critical thinking skills, creativity and flexibility in the mind of young students.  Learning a language at a young age is significantly easier and results in better fluency than if they learn as adults. The brain, just like any muscle, functions more efficiently with exercise!

At BCIS we offer three levels of English classes to ensure that each child will study at an appropriate level for their ability. All our students are monitored and assessed throughout the term to ensure they transition between classes:

1. English as a First Language (EFL)
The EFL class is tailored for native English speakers or learners whose English is at the level of first language speakers.

2. Intermediate English
The Intermediate English class supports students for whom English is not their primary language and are working towards the proficiency of the EFL class.

3. English as a Second Language (ESL)
Our ESL teachers provide a bridge for new students entering the Cambridge program, assisting them with speaking and writing skills and preparing them to transition into the Intermediate English class.

The BCIS language hub consists of 5 additional languages for the Cambridge English programme:






Thai language lessons are provided for students in all age groups according to the Thai Ministry of Education requirements.

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