Mission and Vision


An inclusive and multilingual learning community offering two curricular pathways to success, BCIS embraces innovative approaches to inspire and empower learners to find their passion and purpose in life.


We will develop our unique talents and character, and become independent life-long learners and active global citizens committed to the service of humanity and the sustainability of our planet.


  • Community: a sense of belonging, unity, collaboration, making a difference
  • Diversity: uniqueness, difference, self-belief, open-mindedness
  • Well-being: physical and mental health, safety, happiness
  • Compassion: caring, empathy, kindness, understanding
  • Integrity: honesty, equity, justice, trustworthiness
  • Perseverance: resilience, courage, grit, determination

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Definition of Global Citizenship

Global mindedness at BCIS derives directly from our Mission, Vision and Core Values. All community members at BCIS acknowledge and celebrate our differences and encourage empathy, understanding, and respect. It is our aim to develop internationally minded students who help to create a better and more peaceful world. Our values are informed by and support :

  • The UN Declaration of Human Rights
  • The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • The UN Sustainable Development Goals

Definition of Learning

We learn when we build and apply new knowledge, skills, and understanding through authentic experiences.

Learning Principles

The following research-based learning principles guide our learning community:

We know that we learn best when we feel safe physically, intellectually and emotionally, therefore we cultivate a nurturing environment where we all feel comfortable taking risks.

  • We know that learning is social, therefore we collaborate to share ideas, learn from each other, develop new skills and understandings and are open to multiple perspectives.
  • We know that we learn best when we are motivated, therefore we emphasise meaningful, purposeful and authentic learning opportunities that engage individual passion, voice and choice.
  • We know the importance of higher-order, creative and critical thinking skills, therefore we question, inquire and demonstrate curiosity.
  • We know that individuals learn in different ways, therefore we scaffold learning to provide appropriate support and challenge, building on prior knowledge, experiences, and skills to construct meaning.
  • We know that the integration of a range of appropriate technologies enhances learning and promotes independence, therefore we ensure high levels of digital and media literacy, information fluency through access to multiple resources.
  • We know that making mistakes and having a growth mindset underpin high-quality learning, therefore we seek to build resilience and self-belief in order to face challenges with confidence.
  • We know that the learning journey is as important as the result, therefore we provide quality feedback and regular opportunities for meaningful self-reflection, consistently focusing on the process as well as the outcome.

Our Motto

Education Changes the World

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