Accreditation / School Licenses

Cambridge Programme

BCIS Phuket is recognised as a quality provider of the Cambridge programme. The Cambridge IGCSE and A-levels courses and examinations are considered a gold standard of education recognised by the world’s best universities and employers.

French Programme

We are proud to announce that BCIS, Berda Claude International School, has also been licenced by the French Ministry of National Education.

This licence, which covers classes from Kindergarten to Primary, is an official recognition of the school’s adherence to the principles of French Education. Accreditation by the French Ministry of Education certifies that the teaching provided by the school complies with the demands, curricula, teaching objectives and organizational rules of the French education system. All students from accredited schools can pursue their education in another French school without taking an entrance examination.

Council of International Schools (CIS)

As a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS) we demonstrate our committment to a process of continuous improvement and our willingness to undergo rigorous evaluation against internationally-agreed standards.

International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT)

BCIS Phuket is a registered ISAT Member School. ISAT works closely with its member schools to ensure high education standards through the encouragement of best practices, ethical behaviour and professional development. ISAT has become a driving force for high education standards in the Kingdom.

Ministry of Education License

BCIS Phuket is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education to provide a range of educational programmes from Preschool through Secondary level.

Thai Licencing

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