School uniforms

Compulsory for students in public and private school systems in Thailand, school uniforms are expected to be worn at BCIS Phuket, at all times. We believe school uniforms are crucial in promoting our students’ wellbeing; wearing a uniform is a badge of pride, develops an identity for a school and represents a significant part of being a school student.

Proud members of a school Community

One of the most important reasons for students to wear uniforms, is to give them a comforting sense of equality. In today’s world of fast evolving and growing fashion trends and brands, clothing in its whole has become a symbol of status for students in schools. Asking our students to wear a school uniform allow the disparities to be negated, creating instead a sense of equality. From their earlier years, wearing a school uniform develops a sense of community spirit, leading to a teamwork attitude for our students’ future lives. Wearing a school uniform provides a sense of belonging of loyalty and pride towards the school.

An increased concentration and focus on learning

With a released pressure to conform to a society in regards to the way they look or their social status, students are given a safe path to focus on their learning, feeling better about themselves, improving self-esteem and confidence. With a given dress code for all, students discovering ways to express themselves, will concentrate their energy on thriving in the fields in which they feel confident to stand out in. Whether these are arts, sports, music, academics, students are encouraged to define their creativity in subjects reflecting their personalities, potential and passion, irrespective of their background.

A developed a sense of professionalism and responsibility

During their school years, children are introduced to the essential tenets of discipline and control within a class, a group, a community. These fundamental principles contribute in opening doors for school children to enter into professional life after completing their education. Wearing a uniform instills discipline, encourages focus and good behavior. Uniforms are here to allow students to present themselves neatly and professionally, aiding them to feel better about themselves and motivated to excel in their surroundings.

 A comfortable routine

Deciding what to wear in the morning may be time consuming for students and parents on a daily basis. Shopping for the right school outfits, and filling children wardrobes with appropriate clothes for school often lead to increased expenses and budget spent toward children school years. Wearing a school uniform thus releases the pressure of finding the proper outfit to wear to school, making it more convenient for families to prepare for their child’s school routine.

  • Standard BCIS uniform is to be worn daily; we ask that it is clean and tidy.
  • We ask that hair be natural colours and styled neatly.
  • We ask that hats are not to be worn inside.
  • Appropriate footwear needs to be worn at all times.
  • Accessories: jewelry and accessories that are excessive or distracting should be left at home.
  • BCIS students are asked not to wear makeup or lip gloss. Lip balm products to treat and prevent chapped lips are acceptable.
  • Students wearing patches, buttons, emblems or tattoos that are offensive or vulgar will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited to racial, religious, sexual, gang, alcohol, or drug-related themes.

BCIS staff maintain the right to correct any student they deem to be dressed inappropriately.

Physical Education: On your child’s scheduled Physical Education days, it will be necessary that they wear appropriate clothing; please ensure they wear their BCIS PE Uniform or they will be unable to participate.


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