Food services

School lunches & snack breaks pioneer the development of hygienic habits and promotes a healthful diet. Located on both our school campuses, our restaurants focus on the needs of our multicultural community, delivering healthy and various meals prepared daily in our school on-site kitchens. Understanding our students and staff nutritional needs, our menu has been put together by school chefs and nutritionist to provide a selection of fresh, balanced meals, contributing in the support of a healthy lifestyle.

Our school menu operates on a 4 weeks cycle, with customizable options, portion sizes adapted to students of all ages, including seasonal surprises and culinary treats. Balancing between traditional local meals and international dishes offered every day, served with a choice of fruits and fresh vegetables, we understand our role in encouraging lifelong healthy eating habits.

Students who have dietary needs, food allergies, or food-related medical conditions are provided with adapted options, looked over by our school nurse and restaurant staff.

What’s more?

To be found in both our Junior and our Senior Campus are our Nature cafeterias, providing additional drinks, cold pressed juices, fresh bakery products, to respond to the individual needs of our students, parents and staff.

Our cafeterias are open Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm.


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