Year 13 – Field trip to Bangkok

Our Year 13 students embarked on an exciting field trip to Bangkok, Thailand, with the goal of discovering the rich history and culture of the country’s capital.
During their stay, they saw famous buildings and cultural places. Students had the opportunity to learn about Bangkok’s history and how it has changed over the ages at the Siam Museum. They were able to learn more about the city’s social dynamics, economic growth, and cultural diversity through engaging exhibits and educational displays. The museum gave insightful information about the factors that moulded Bangkok into the thriving city that it is today. Students also gained greater knowledge about the significance of Arun Temple in Thai Buddhism and its function as a spiritual symbol at Wat Arun. The famous temples provide visitors with the delights of exploring magnificent architecture, elaborate spires, and elaborate decorations, all in an ideal location for a capital city temple. The group’s visit to The Grand Palace also expanded their awareness and comprehension of Thailand’s cultural history and royal tradition.
One of the highlights of their tour was Klong Bang Luang Community, which is tucked away among Bangkok’s canal banks. Through interacting with locals and learning about their rituals and crafts, as well as by exploring the tight passageways, students got a fresh appreciation for the warmth and resiliency of Thai people. To finish off the experience, our teens enjoyed Thailand’s premier amusement park, DreamWorld, known for its thrilling rides, colorful shows and attractions. From the grandeur of the Grand Place to the charm of the Klong Bang Luang community, each destination left a lasting impression on our Bangkok group, deepening their appreciation for Thailand’s diverse culture, and tapestry.

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