Dance Academy by STMZ

BCIS Phuket is thrilled to partner with South Timez Academy of Performing Arts to give our students a chance to learn and develop their skills in a variety of dance styles at our Dance Academy.

Discover here our 2023 / 2024 Dance options for after-school / academy programmes with STMZ: STMZ Dance Programme

Sessions are available for:

  • Ballet: Students will learn this classical dance form demanding grace and precision and employing formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement.
  • Hip Hop: Students will learn the basics of hip hop dance through a structured syllabus developed by South Timez.
  • Jazz: Utilising the rigorous CSTD program, students excel in musical expression through personality and movement.
  • Street & Cover: A dynamic dance style combining urban street dance and contemporary choreography, allowing students to explore different dance genres and express themselves through music and movement.

About South Timez Academy of Performing Arts

South Timez Academy of Performing Arts (STMZ) is proudly recognized as the premier dance and performance institute in southern Thailand!

The story of how this came to be, is both humbling and inspiring. It began with the modest ambitions of the academy’s Principal and co-founder, Mr. Pantakorn Juengmahakhun (Kru Beam). Already a prominent and accomplished dancer at a young age, Kru Beam gathered like-minded dancers from Southern Thailand to form the South Timez dance crew, with a dream of taking on the world stage one day.

South Timez grew to become the leading dance crew in Southern Thailand, earning accolades and recognition aplenty, as it served as the representative team of the south in numerous national competitions and events. A milestone was reached in 2014, when the crew qualified for the renowned Hip Hop International World Finals and represented Thailand with distinction; they then replicated this achievement several times over in the years that followed. Turning one’s passion into a livelihood has long been forbidden fruit for most people; South Timez Academy of Performing Arts was founded on a dream to make this possible. Their mission being that every student receives the highest level of attention and coaching, from a faculty that ‘has been there and done that’, and truly fulfils their potential.

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