Athletics Academy

As part of a sports-focused approach to introducing our BCIS students to some of the world’s most popular disciplines, we are proud to announce that this year they will be able to participate in the “mother of all games”: Athletics. Under the careful supervision of experienced triathlete, Ms. Sarah Costeira, students will be able to benefit from an exclusive collection of triathlon events focused on running, cycling, and swimming.

Guide to Available Activities


  • Improve coordination, balance and agility
  • Develop athletic skills and fitness that are transferable to all sports
  • Promote perseverance and the power of mental resilience

Ride & Run

  • Learn cycling skills that promote balance, confidence and safety
  • Learn running skills that improve agility, coordination and speed
  • Encouraging quick transitions from cycling to running to help stimulate discovery in our future racers

Strength & Conditioning

  • A healthy mix of bodyweight, plyometrics and cardio exercises
  • Strengthen muscles, improve coordination, increase mobility and flexibility

Triathlon – Swim, Bike & Run

  • Experience swimming, cycling, and running in race form
  • Develop perseverance, self-discipline, and adaptability
  • Compete with fellow athletes in local competitions
  • Ideal for kids with high energy levels

Discover here our 2023 / 2024 Athletics options for after-school / academy programmes: Athletics 23:24

Get to Know Sarah Costeira, our Athletics Academy Coach

We’re delighted to have Sarah Costeira, an experienced triathlete and personal coach, leading our Athletics & Triathlon Academy this year. Her list of achievements and qualifications include:

  • Multiple podium finishes in one of the most difficult one-day sporting events in the world: the Ironman Triathlon
  • Qualified for the 2019 World Championships
  • Gold medalist Laguna Phuket Triathlon 2020 – Sprint Distance
  • Multiple Triathlon podium winner for races all over Asia and Europe (swimming, biking, running)
  • Half and full marathon finisher
  • Certified Personal Coach and Nutrition Coach
  • 5 years in diplomatic service, working for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Former Triathlon shop owner and manager

We are confident that Sarah’s expertise on what it takes to be a complete athlete will be an incredible asset to our dynamic BCIS Sports team!

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