Planetarium & 360° Immersive Theatre

In collaboration with Starlight Education, BCIS Phuket and our School Planetarium bring you Mission Mars: Phuket 2024

Step into the Interplanetary Work Experience set in the year 2117, where revolutionary propulsion technology has empowered human exploration and settlement throughout the solar system.

Students will be equipped to apply their STEM and Design expertise to propel their teams in completing a successful interplanetary mission.

Students will gain invaluable teachings, leadership skills, and STEM knowledge directly from Astronauts and Space Scientists, all under the mentorship of a highly accomplished global team of STEM Educators.

Registration Form – Mission Mars August 2024

Skills transferred;


Explore presentation techniques and learn how to design and compile the perfect Pitch-Deck to communicate your innovative solutions.


Discover the intricacies involved in designing Space Habitats and learn to cultivate environments conducive to human well-being, both physically and mentally.


Learn a diverse range of STEM skills, including 3D design, Rapid Prototyping, and Coding. Employ these skills to devise innovative solutions aimed at addressing challenges for Space Missions.


Collaborate within teams and engage in critical thinking to develop and design innovative solutions using 21st-century skills. Benefit from firsthand insights from actual Astronauts and Space Scientists while acquiring essential leadership skills.




Technology is a powerful tool that is supporting and transforming education and learning. Our Planetarium captures and immerses students in a dynamic, interactive educational experience and is one example of how we at BCIS are committed to using technology to revolutionise learning.

Situated on our Senior Campus, our Planetarium & Cosmos Theatre is the first school-based Planetarium in Thailand and a realisation of truly igniting scientific curiosity in children.

The 360-degree dome theatre has a set of projectors that display a single digital image covering the panoramic dome. Students can take an immersive tour through the solar system with an amazing view from any seat within the auditorium. Students can travel through space to watch interactive displays of meteorites, space missions and the effects of gravity. Complete with state-of-the-art sound and a mood lighting system, this is an unforgettable experience that will inspire wonder and awe in every child.

The BCIS Planetarium is designed to serve as an educational resource for school groups and is not open to private individuals.

We believe that the educational experience we offer is best suited for school groups, as our Planetarium programs are specifically tailored to meet the needs of students of all ages. We have carefully designed our programs to align with the curriculum, and our experienced educators are trained to engage students in an interactive and informative way. Moreover, we have limited space and resources, and it is important that we prioritize school groups who have booked in advance. In due course, we will open the Planetarium to the public for group bookings.

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